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June 03 2016


Things You Should Know About Drug Testing Kits

Drug tests for home use are utilized to indicate the presence of illegal and prescription drugs in the system of an individual. These drugs include marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, opiates, methamphetamine, PCP, barbiturates, and several others. Home drug tests are done in two simple tests. Upon the collection of the specimen, whether it is urine, hair, or saliva, the drug tester will indicate a positive or negative result. For a positive result, which is an indication of drug presence in the system, the specimen must be sent for laboratory testing.


What are Drugs of Abuse?


Illicit drugs and medical prescriptions are considered drugs of abuse if they are consumed for other than medical purposes. This includes taking prescribed medicines for longer that the prescribed period. In short, taking the drug without following the doctor’s instructions is a form of drug abuse.


What is Tested in a Drug Testing Kit?


The presence of drugs and not the amount of one or multiple drugs is tested with drug testing kits. This is why it is sent for laboratory testing if the result is positive to know the amount of drugs consumed by an individual.


Are Home Drug Testers Accurate?


A drug testing kit for home use is sensitive to the presence of drugs in the system of an individual. Thus, if a drug is present in the system of a person, it will result to a positive indication. But for more information about the intoxication, the specimen must be sent for laboratory testing. Even though home test kits are accurate, there is a risk of manipulation such as in using urine drug tests. You need to ensure that the urine is actually from the individual who is being tested and that the proper procedure for collection is followed. Otherwise, the results will not be usable. 

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